What "open learning" looks like when it's for kids who need it most



True “disruption” and access beyond the echo chamber of the digital elites requires more than creating sophisticated educational content and building high-end online learning platforms. We need to spend less effort escalating the tech and bandwidth intensiveness of these platforms and more on meeting diverse kids where they are in their local communities with the resources they have on hand.

If only there was some sort of dedicated educational facility available to learn this stuff at in each local community.


I’ve been saying for years that math education will continue to lag until kids can SMS math equations, data, and graphs/visualizations to each other on their smartphones. Open-source preferred.

And now we have Xcas for Android! It’s still not something useful for pupil-to-pupil classroom communication, but it’s getting there.

So at this point it’s a matter of building curricula around free and open tools like Xcas.

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