What’s wrong with startup culture: A video

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My employer does not give the “fun” stuff. Instead they focus on fair salaries, annual bonuses, a very high 401k match, yearly profit sharing contributions, performance shares that mature over time and cash out after a set time frame, excellent HSA and H&I options at very competitive prices, and additional benefits like low cost life insurance and death benefits.

It’s not a perfect place. It has it’s own set of trials and tribulations and issues to work here; however, they put their money where their mouth is and take care of their associates.

EDIT: Also, CEO to Worker compensation…THIS THIS THIS!!! I have been saying this for a decade now. This is the biggest and most disgusting thing in corporate america. The divide between compensation at the top and the bottom.


I thought his talk was a good one. I got burned in the first dot com boom, and have always looked for substance over style since then. It’s surprising to hear that bean bags in conference rooms are still a thing.


Even worse…this thing has become a THING in conferences…

Nothing looks more stupid and unprofessional than a bunch of business-dress people throwing this dumb ass thing around a room to ask questions and speak.


What’s wrong with startup culture

Let me count the ways.
With corporate greed to the depth and breadth and height
My imagination can never reach, when even the best drugs,
For the ends of being and lacking grace.
They lothe thee to the level of every day’s
Most desperate hate, by flickering monitor light.
They exploit thee freely, as men strive for cash.
They fuck you purely, as they beg for praise.
They demand it will all passion put to use
In casual slacks, and with a polo shirt.
They fuck thee with a desperation they never lose
With lost employees. they’d take even your breath,
Crunch, snackbars, beanbags; and, if VCs give freely,
You might get an Aeron chair. For a while.

(Apologies to Emily Browning)


WTF is that?

Everyone knows the only way to sustain long term involvement of the team toward an important goal is this:

34 AM



Usually 1+1=3 is a negative you try to avoid.

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I wonder what the board room looks like at the company that invented the Catch Box.

“Gimme back my specs!”

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