What school of kung-fu did PaRappa the Rapper learn?


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Do you know why I stopped the car???


I forgot to close the door.


Crack, Crack, Crack the egg into the bowl gets constantly quoted in my house. It’s weird.


Pose? One of his moves is “pose?” My kung-fu must be weak, I never learned that basic move.


U rappin’ bad.



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Is it a complete sentence?



I gotta believe!


So wait, what? PaRappa never did the rapping? It was everybody else?

I always wanted to play this game, but my friends were always strictly sports, racing, or head-to-head fighting games.


It varied from level to level.

I remember one weekend when I beat “Parappa the Rapper 2” in one long gaming session because I’d rented the game right after buying my PlayStation and I didn’t have a memory card yet. I was so happy my roommate came in just in time to witness me beat the final solo freestyle level in the first run-through just so I could be sure I hadn’t imagined it.


At the video game company where I used to work, when someone on the team was about to launch something that had a high probability of crashing, they’d call out, “I gotta BELIEVE!”

It was a custom for so long (I’m talking years – perhaps they’re still doing it), that I’d forgotten where it came from until I watched the video.

The weird thing is, I watched the video because, at dinner tonight, my 14 year-old son was talking about the first level rap because he and his friends have been getting into PaRappa.


Not sure about what school, but maybe he learned from the same sensei as the Wu-Tang Clan?


awesome, influential game, way ahead of it’s time. Later levels were actually really hard.


I never had such an easy victory!


You forgot to close the door.


That chicken level was brutal.


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