What should be done next? Sanders supporters gathering at People's Summit this weekend

Naomi Klein will speak this weekend at the People’s Summit in Chicago.

This weekend, Sanders supporters will convene at a “People’s Summit” in Chicago to discuss policy priorities and formulate strategies for the populist movement going forward.

“Electoral politics are not the movement. The movement is completely independent,” said DeMoro. “Young people have been very clear that they don’t want their information handed over and it’s not going to be. Sanders could surprise me, but I don’t think so.”

Instead, DeMoro said the campaign would continue to use the email list to raise money for progressive candidates and progressive causes.

“We’re really going to engage people nationally and at all levels in progressive politics and issues campaigns,” said DeMoro. “Bernie will use his own magic, his list, and his influence to help… and try to move people into the legislature that are progressive.”

Any boingers going? @Cowicide? Any SJW coders? FOSS projects?

What projects have the best potential to increase progressive alignment and increase momentum?

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People’s Summit

Kate Aranoff wrote about the same theme for Jacobin that, “The Sanders campaign isn’t the end of the line. We can use its momentum to unite movements and build broad support.

The rest of the media are writing about the Dem convention likes it’s a football game with one possible prize and no other rationale for organizing or participating. It’s good to have these reminders that a party nominee is an effect not a cause of organizing.


You’re moving to Seattle, aren’t you?

Locally to that area, Pramila Jayapal was endorsed by Sanders to replace the retiring Jim McDermott in congress (WA 7th, which is basically Seattle). The primary is in August, I think, it’s a top two primary, I suspect she’ll get through to the general against another democrat.


Yes, thank you! We expect to move next month as my companera just found us an apartment.

I’m interested in learning more about the immigration advocacy work that Paramila Jayapal did with OneAmerica, esp. as that work may overlap with gender based violence issues generally.

And I’m following the, I think, probably misguided effort to “clear” The Jungle by the city.

We’ve met new people and have longtime friends and family there too. Exciting.

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Which neighborhood?

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Queen Anne for now.

… I’ve just been corrected that we’re in Lower Queen Anne. :slight_smile:

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Oh, Lower Queen Anne. Hey, convenient for the Space Needle.

I really like Queen Anne, nice!

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The introduction to Aranoff’s what’s next for the left? article in Jacobin . . .

These are not the “bitter last days of Bernie’s revolution,” as Politico swooned. Instead, they represent an opportunity for his supporters to plot its next phase, to Philadelphia’s Democratic Convention and beyond.

and a nice quote . . .

“The dilemma of left politics is that we appear stuck between beautiful souls and dirty hands.”

Democracy is a process, not an event.

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Actually if Bernie shifts his focus to state level elections (Congress and the Senate), then it won’t matter who is President. Yes the President can veto things, but if there is strong support in the Houses and the people for something (reasonable gun control?), then the President won’t dare do anything.

Just throwing that out there.


The only problem is Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and West Virginia. (These 21 states have gone Republican in the last 4 presidential elections, and currently have Republicans for 39 out of their 42 senators. This means Democrats would have to either run the table in every other state or start to turn the tide in the reddest of states in order to get a Senate supermajority).

Who the president is matters a lot. We are very, very far away from the situation you’re imagining.

edited to add: although, hrmm, I suppose there is always the nuclear option. 50% is a whole lot easier to achieve than 60.


I thought that “magical thinking” was one of the insults the Left used against the Right? :laughing:

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In the late 80s, the Clintons rode the wave of the “New Democrat” movement which overturned long-held Democratic values (such as support for single-payer health care and belief in an unconditional economic safety net for the poor) on the basis of political expediency. Clinton was a founder of this movement, but not the only founder, and the movement carried him into office, not the other way around. Likewise the Sanders movement represents an ideological swing back to the pre-DLC Democratic Party, and that movement represents the ideology, not the man. As HRC frequently campaigned on values not representative of the DLC, even her victory can be seen as supporting this swing back.

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Thank you for posting this, @hello_friends!

Unfortunately, I can’t attend the event personally and will only be there in spirit. I already planned some time ago in advance to be at Comic Con with Stan Lee this weekend.

I love Naomi Klein and I’m excited to see her People’s Summit speech on video afterwards. From what I understand, Goldman Sachs offered Naomi millions in speaking fees not to speak, but she declined. :wink:


Whaht? Stan Lee?! Excelsior!! I could not skip SDCC if we weren’t moving, even for democratic socialism. :smiley_cat: Have a great time!

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I think it was just an observation though. :wink:

You chose wisely. Stan Lee is far more of a contributor to the world than Naomi Klein.

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Events are often a part of the process. :slight_smile:


You are a wonderful person @Israel_B! :smiley_cat:

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You silver tongue!

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Yo, is that what we’re going with for a sarcasm tag?

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