What should constitute "hacking"?

Also, same password as Kanye West:


The hammer that they frequently (ab)use is the part concerning interstate commerce or communications networks, which in 1986 only applied to corporate mainframes “a protected computer” doing automated ordering. Now it’s applied to any site that sells t-shirts and coffee cups.

Then they use multipliers, where practically every page hit is a separate offense.


Honestly, if I were running an American education institution and I let a college know a student did some kind of white supremacist crime, I’d be pretty worried that two years from now I’d be in front of the Supreme Court being told I violated the white supremacist’s constitutional rights. Getting them charged with a crime instead protects the school from legal blowback (if not public blowback).


Oh, man. That’s a whole other issue. When I was teaching, unless the guidance office was specifically asked by universities to forward such information, it was illegal to do so. I know that some private universities did have this standing instruction, but I also know that the UC system did not up to 2016. (It may have changed in the last five years years.)

I had a student who cheated (major plagiarism of another student’s work) in our AP class and he was accepted by UC San Diego. Apparently, he had a number of cheating infractions throughout high school. I asked his counselor and she said there was nothing the school could do about it.


That is horrific.

Meanwhile, colleges and universities have a clause in their acceptance letters that states their right to rescind the offer if there are academic or ethical problems that surface after acceptance but before matriculating.


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