What were the first fighting games like?

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Fist of the North Star also snuck in before the end of 1989, on the Game Boy.

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I was damned well addicted to Way of The Exploding Fist on the Amstrad CPC back in the day.

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That was more comprehensive than I expected! Usually when younger folks today do video game history pieces, they assume the universe began with the NES. Nice to see coverage of 70s arcade stuff and some home computer stuff, though there are big gaps there. The focus was heavy on arcades and consoles which is understandable, but there was 30 years of parallel game development happening on home computers. He gives a couple of nods to C64 games here (though I’m not sure he knows that’s what they are, because he’s grabbed clips from somewhere but is talking about them as though they are arcade games).

However fighting game development was extensive on home computers in the early ‘80s. Games like Pirates!, Windwalker, Bilestoad, Barbarian, and Swashbuckler really pioneered the 2D toe-to-toe format with special moves that we see today.


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