What Westeros would look like in Google Maps


Can you rent a Zip Car there?

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isn’t it just the UK but flipped horizontally?

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Yeah, Cersei is basically Margaret Thatcher.


Yeah, but where are the Google Maps-ish easter eggs, like a picture of a dragon peeing on King’s Landing?


You can also search for KML files related to Game of Thrones. For example:

The way I always figured it was that it was the UK without the North Sea, so that Scotland connected directly to Scandanavia. This makes it possible to walk directly to Norway. Also, without the North Sea, the climate gets exponentially worse as one walks north.

I guess that explains why I want to bone both of them.

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Can’t we have a globe?

Nope, because they never show all of Essos to the far East. It always cuts off into a more vertical view. A globe would require a lot of guesswork.

Is there any mention of a realm like Hyperborea beyond the north?

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“Inn at the crossroads - used to be a lovely place for a weary traveler to rest and enjoy some cake, but has really gone downhill recently. Was dismayed to see the previous innkeeper had been hanged and replaced by a bunch of thugs who were very unfriendly and unforthcoming when all I asked for was some chicken. Would not recommend.”

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Can’t wait for Street View.


Yeah, I’m going to need a crime map overlay on that. How many beheadings did Kings Landing have last month, and I while I’d love to live in the north I heard it has a higher rate of genital mutilations.

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