What would it take to make that block of links go away

What would it take to make that block of “Interesting For You” links go away? These links are the worst kind of rubbish view baiting links that ever trolled the internet. I come across them all the time on highly commercialized sites and I quickly learned to never click on one no matter what the title said. They suck, and they are just the kind of internet that I come here to avoid.

So how can I make them go away? Rewards for frequent contributors? I’ll pay whatever pennies they are giving you to make it stop.

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I just don’t ever go to https://boingboing.net … I stick with the bbs and grab the media from the non-bbs only if I have to do so.


This block of ads shows up on the individual blog post page layout below the newsletter sign-up. These are always there if you are going to read the posts on the individual pages.


Also ASCII - Boing Boing which I really thank Rob for as it both amuses me and is easier on my old person eyes.


As a final exercise, follow me into the deepest depths. I don’t remember how many chumclicks it took to end up on slide number one of [“30 Walmart Shoppers That Are Beyond Messed Up!”] but this is what I found there:


I love that Chum article so much.

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