What youthquake? Jeremy Corbyn's election surge was drawn from all age groups, not a mob of first-time young voters

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Uk’s right wing has some comeuppance arriving soon.

I’m glad that more people are recognising that the Tories are the party of plutocrats and aristocrats and no-one else (UKIP seems to have captured the coveted “bitter old bigots” segment). I just wish Corbyn would get over his 70s-vintage Euroscepticism and be more aggressive about trying to reverse Brexit. Otherwise, they’ll be left to clean up a big mess next time they take control of Parliament:

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He’s still friends with Hezbollah and a few years ago accepted money from Iran.

Yup. Corbyn is not our saviour. No matter how much people would like him to be.

At this point, I sometimes think the last thing I want is a Labour government.

The only thing that would do is allow the Tories and other euro-sceptics to claim that anything bad that happens following our leaving the EU (and that is happening) is Labour’s fault and if only they’d been allowed to continue with their glorious, positive path to the future, we’d all be living in peace and harmony in a land flowing with (American) milk and (non-EU sourced) honey.

If they’re going to get us into this mess, they can damn well deal with the consequences.

Then I remember that the way they will deal with them will be the most cack-handed, harmful way possible. :frowning:

Well, the EU is making noises about extending the leaving process til after 2021 (i.e. ‘after the current bunch of nutters have been booted out’).

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