Whatcha Reading? (Picking it up again)

The Midnight Library was awesome. Normally stories like that, eh, I dunno, stories with a “point” I don’t like so much, but this one is just so well done. Maybe it was a message I needed.


2020 took David Graeber, and I’d never heard of him until then (I live under a rock). Really enjoying Debt: The First 5000 Years


I just loved this (The Necessary Beggar) to bits, as Jo Walton says - This is a book that could go terribly wrong. Palwick walks a tightrope here, avoiding sentimentality, cliche and appropriation but still winning through to a positive resolution - and i’d go along with that, it’s so deftly handled with the skill only the best writers can manage. It’s been a while since i read a book where i didn’t want to finish it and leave the characters i’d come to be very fond of but this was one of them.


Carl Hiaasen still makes me laugh out loud with his stories about Florida. The latest, Squeeze Me involves giant pythons, the Orange Twatwaffle, a missing billionairess, and the usual round up of Florida Criminals.

Thanks, adding that to the list

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The Vorrh (by Brian Catling): An epic surrealistic historical fantasy with a slight touch here and there of cyber-punk; a bow and arrows made from a lover’s remains; and a Cyclops (with that cementing Catling’s seeming obsession with such creatures).