Whatcha Reading? (Picking it up again)

Been listening to a bunch of Jim Butcher’s stuff lately, and there have been a few doozys that were missed in editing. My favorite so far is the guy who cuts off the lower half of his shin to escape a trap and then charges at Our Hero. Only Monty Python did it better!

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Just finished Louise Penny’s latest, The Madness of Crowds, as good a read as always. One of the few authors we go out and buy as soon as the new book is available.
And at the other end of the spectrum I also recently finished Nora Roberts’ Legacy and it just irritated me in all kinds of ways-the heroine makes exercise videos, she is “fit and fabulous!” There are a few mentions of people who aren’t fit, but they are described as “a bit chunky”. No one in rural Maryland is obese, I guess. The hero’s wife is killed in a school shooting and his kids-students at the same school, are apparently fine after moving from NYC to said hometown in Maryland. No therapy needed but country living! The author seems to have no grasp of social media, online video marketing, etc. etc. At least in this one, when someone mentions having sex while in high school they mention using “protection.” It’s look been a beef that romance novels often skip even mentioning birth control, or have anyone talk about getting pregnant. Usually, if it happens, it’s just a happy adjunct to the marriage proposal.
And at the very end, the bad guy “wasn’t right in the head”. The whole mental illness=violent bullshit. Sigh.


I’m most of the way though this as an audio book:

Good so far. There are some funny “misses” (like, it’s present day, so she won’t ride the metro due to covid, but they go out to eat and she’s flying on airplanes…?) but overall good and twisty-turny mystery-crime puzzle.


(By John Scalzi)


Agreed. Glad he took on TFG and his awful wife.

Thus far, Jemisin is still on her awesome roll. Karens are an Eldritch Horror (in the book and in life).