What's going on in the brains of people who don't need much sleep?

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They say Tyler Durden only sleeps one hour a night. But as the article points out, it’s easy to dream that you tossed and turned all night. I’ve done it myself - looked back at the clock a second later and an hour and a half have passed.


Sleep is for the weak!
I’m like a little kid fighting to stay awake while insisting that they are not tired, but are found facedown in their pile of Cheerios seconds later.


I’ve been doing six hours or less for the past few years. Some nights only two or three. Most days I feel fine, but every few weeks I’ll have one day where I just feel drained, and about once every couple of weeks I’ll have an eight hour sleep. So I’m very interested in what this research will determine, because if I need to be getting more sleep than I’ll need to start approaching things differently and/or see a doctor.


So what about us who need 9+ hours a day? I don’t even bother changing when getting out of bed anymore unless I’m going outside.


I’ve been assuming that different people heave different needs, but it’s great to get some insight into how that might work.

I don’t seem capable of 8 hours the vast majority of nights, but I’m not aware of cognitive deficits.

…but then, in my sleep-deprived state how would I even notice :smile:


This. Jammy life.


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