What's in a square mile? Instagram account of aerial photos

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Pedantic comment: These photos all look to be approx 2 square miles in area, with only the center square delineated by roads being one square mile.

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The degree to which the square mile grid imposed by the PLSS can be seen from the air is remarkable to those of us who grew up in metes and bounds states…

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Would it really kill them to credit the imagery provider?

My guess is it would be a lot of thank you’s to DigitalGlobe and whomever was generous enough to purchase the imagery from DG, pay the proper license fee and then pay the fees to server the imagery up on the internet.

I would bet a hundred bucks their use of the imagery is a violation of terms of use, the least they could do is offer credit to the organizations they ganked it from.

Everyone is missing the point- it is about your place in the space you dwell - what is around you, what are you aware of!

The US and its rigid X/Y grids always amused me; in so many places, it looks like it would be more problematic to adhere to that grid structure than to follow the natural contours of the land…

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