What's the best way to weaken crypto?


They’ve certainly done a great job deterring ubiquitous encryption, for example, by keeping PGP/GPG difficult to use.

I tried installing the latest GPG extension for Microsoft Outlook, had to back it out when the user’s Outlook client kept crashing.

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Amazing slides.

The language radiates disappointment of a cryptographer who keeps being proven right.

Thats a bit much to claim. Certainly ITAR was an issue but its enforcement on crypto use & export had been dormant for quite a while before this court case.

Having met PKZ a few times I’d almost venture to say that it was designed to be hard to use from the start :smiley:

At some point either before or after gray hair sets in, being right stops being fun at all. A career in any part of info sec teaches you that quick fast and in a hurry.

Cannot agree more… Especially when flavored with “I wish to be wrong”, when the wrongness won’t come and won’t come and won’t come…

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