When it comes to expanding knowledge, Twitter is objectively better than Facebook

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Both platforms spread way too much woo and hatemongering to the point that it gives that “epistemic friction” the quality of ultra-coarse sandpaper on your skin. That’s true whether the person spreading it is someone you know or someone you follow. As long as both platforms rely on an engagement-based lowest-common-denominator advertising business model (the real basis for their freeze peach absolutism) they’re best avoided if one if seeking knowledge.


Dumpster fire vs dumpster fire: who wins?


So, when I try to add to something that someone else has said, and they react as if I am contradicting them, is that epistemic friction?

I freqently come away from an exchange on the bbs believing that I understand another person’s view completely, and they have no understanding of mine at all. I image there’s a symmetrical version of that belief on the other side as well. Rather than epistemic friction, imagine it as epistemic teflon.

Twitter. It’s got great daily updates from Presidential historian Michael Beschloss who can turn up astounding bits of arcana with an economical sense of humor, and an insatiable sense of curiosity.

I have no friends. I wouldn’t even bother with Farcebook.

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i agree. and Beschloss has been ON FIRE lately. he’s so done with trump, lol.


I don’t think I’ve ever maintained a Twitter account for more than 24 hours but I did very much enjoy the @MayorEmanuel saga of a few years ago.

Would you rather be hanged, electrocuted, or devoured by crocodiles? Same sort of choice.

“When it comes to construction materials repurposed as dessert toppings, silicone adhesive is objectively better than roofing nails.”


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