When stalking medieval rooftops, remember to remove your pointy metal hat

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It ratchets the other way to ascend & helps control a speedy descent DUH


Honestly? Bravo for having a physics system with that great a level of detail. Most games would just have the pointy bit clip through


While still funny, that’s not the game’s actual audio, just in case people are wondering.


I find that very disappointing. I think I’ll pretend you didn’t say it.


I could be lying!


Presumably you get the same from a codpiece.


The GIF doesn’t quite convey this one.

But be sure and include it anyway. Put one on every goddam post, even songs and howling dogs and Batman saying something clever.


What game is that?

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Phew, that was close!

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By the health and stamina bar, it’s either one of the Dark Souls games, or Bloodborn. Honestly, they all look the same to me.

ETA, I think it’s Bloodborne, from the crappy cloth physics designed to be billowy and catch the wind, yet never tangle or wrap itself up or twist realistically.

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They could at least move the gif down a few spaces so you do not go crazy seeing it at the bottom of your screen while trying to watch the actual video.

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GODDAMMIT miyazaki I want to play bloodborne on my pc. Why did you do this to me_

When rapidly scrolling down a page full of crudely looping GIFS, remember to remove y…

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