When the Floods Come: the Climate Change thread


I know, Daily Mail, but anyway …


:musical_note: I see a city and I want to paint it white. :musical_note:

The Coolest White can "cool down a complete city"

The Coolest White has an extremely high TSR value of over 80, while other white materials have a value of 70–75. According to Monopol Colors dark colours usually have a TSR of between 15 and 35.

“With The Coolest White we have less heat absorption in the city, and we have better room climate, so we need less energy for air conditioning. So what we are doing with The Coolest White is that we are cooling down a complete city,” said Tim Kröger, head of laboratory at Monopol Colors.

“The scale of impact will be at the urban scale, as it aims to lower the urban heat island effect.”


My driveway is due for a coating.


Here it is from the horse’s mouth:




You left out: GOP: And if they are real, it’s a socialist idea. We could build a few really big rockets and get the billionaires away.


I think that’s the ayn-caps.


To every complex problem, there is a simple, obvious solution that is completely wrong. Or, lessons to be learned from depending on industry sponsored studies to evaluate your options.



I know this will come as a shock to no one, but yes, the more you need help, the less you get. And the rich get richer.




A diabetic to his physician, on considering the rigor required to effectively treat his condition: “Dr. Thunberg, do I really have to take insulin, get regular exercise and control my diet? Can’t I just keep on living the free and easy life that any person wants? I know I’ll be doing damage every day I go on like this, but it won’t show up for a while and I believe we can undo the damage later.”



Good long read, thanks. You mention “total extinction”, though, without clarifying that this just means megafauna, including humans. In the long run Mother Nature will be fine, just without us.


I watched that last night… he makes a lot of good points about how the media shapes the narrative.


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Nice summary


“After Sweden had its hottest summer on record, Thunberg went on strike in August to force politicians to act. She has since inspired hundreds of thousands to do the same, creating the #FridaysForFuture movement, which has enlisted thousands of young people to skip school this Friday to march for policy action on environmental issues.”

“Thunberg spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poland this past December where she told lawmakers they were “not mature enough to tell it like it is.” The teen activist also spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January.”



The next time I see a paywalled article in a journal I’m going to try this out. “Dear Author, Peter Gleick SAID you would send me your paper …”


I went to my city hall. Party of one. I sat outside on the edge of a planter with a big sign next to me over lunch hour plus.

Our governor just gave a State of the State address and mentioned climate not once.

Separately, because two consecutive posts:

Many have feared we wouldn’t do the work and spend the money to prevent climate change, while special interests and the rich would be protected in islands of privilege.