When the Floods Come: the Climate Change thread


It’s accelerating.


Wildfire conspiracy theorists:

Because it can’t be climate change, climate change is a conspiracy! (yes, that’s /s in case people need it explainedl.




I thought that those photos of streams of molten metal were aluminium which melts at 660 C. Wildfires can easily reach that temperature.

And surely they can see that the steel bodies of the cars haven’t melted? :thinking:


Yes, all that you say is true.

Unless, of course, you are the type to place more credence in giant government space lasers instead of a warmer planet.


Unles you choose to live in an alternate reality completely untethered to facts. Which many do, unfortunately.


Now with more exploding shit.


Has the orange one already tweeted about this? I don’t care to check, but probably.

ETA: noticed that this was released in the same Friday night death slot as that court ruling on transgender service personnel? How very convenient.


Same Black Friday timeslot. When people are out shopping, or watching football, or just lazily recovering from Thanksgiving.


So… The solution to our fucked up atmosphere is to throw more stuff into our fucked up atmosphere.

Capitalism is gonna kill us.


Unless we kill it first.


Excerpts from:




To paraphrase Marc-Uwe Kling,
Capitalism is a monster that is guzzling people and shitting lumps of gold.
Centuries of class struggle and industrial action have managed to chain it down somewhat. But for a couple of decades now, certain folks have been loosening those chains, and we can only hope that they will be crushed to death by the falling lumps.

(Looses quite a bit in the my translation.)


Michael Mann talks global warming on the CBS Evening News in 1998.


Because of course he doesn’t. Asshole.


CNN gets a lot of (not undeserved) grief on here, but this was a pretty good approach to the never ending stream of lies from this woman.


Excellent brief read.



At COP24 (the “conference of parties having interest in climate action”), now happening in Poland, there is a coal exhibit and coal jewelry. I haven’t seen the backstory, but this is striking. Making Coal Cuddly Again.