When the HR department is a robotic phrenologist: "face-scanning algorithm" gains popularity as a job-applicant screener

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Behavioral Phenology.

Where can I hire an AI based deep fakes generator to take my interviews for me?


voight-kampff test with less cigarette smoke?


Tech, truly changing the world by making America’s corporate HR Culture even worse than it already was.

Phrenology, you say? I can already guess the politics of the hiring managers who will love this most.



Hirevue? More like Hirewoo.


Whenever I hear about companies or governments buying such obvious nonsense, I always wonder who is being bribed and how.


Frankly, how is this different from what most staffing/HR agencies do anyway? The only difference is that these guys are hiding their biases/incompetence behind a magic computer woo-woo. The results will be otherwise completely the same.

When I see how these agencies work, I am not surprised. Most are barely better than matching keywords from CVs against the list of buzzwords the client requires. Almost nobody has the slightest clue what is the position about and what kind of thing is actually important for it - i.e. if you don’t stuff you CV with every possible keyword, you won’t get offers. And if you do, you get a flood of irrelevant crap.

And the self-important arrogance of 20-somethings with gelled hair fresh out of school in a smart suit explaining you that you really really must speak German “at least C1 level or you need not to apply” - for a programmer position, (C1 is university level, C2 is basically equivalent to the native speaker or a PhD in German) or telling you when questioning the urgency expressed in the job ad “Oh, I have only put that there so that people apply faster, haha!” (i.e. it is not urgent at all). Then called me, promised to come back to me with something - never heard from him again. Hard professional, indeed …

Another recruiter kept calling me up and trying to convince me about a “perfect match position” where practically nothing matched my field of experience & I would need to take a significant pay cut - except that I speak/understand Czech and they desperately needed someone to go to work to Czech Republic. That was the only reason she kept hounding me.

Or being “sold” on a position with a rather large and well known company, flying out, passing the interviews - only to be offered something totally different, because the headhunter pulled a cheap bait&switch (showed me one job ad and sent me on an interview for another, much less interesting position with the same company) on me in order to earn his commission, resulting in me having to turn it down and everyone wasting their time. Yeah, stupid me for trusting and not double checking everything, but still.

I could go on for hours. If some company is relying on one of the these agencies and they can’t find “talent”, they have only themselves to blame.


Well, it is useful, inasmuch as it indicates, if you interview with a company that uses it, that you definitely shouldn’t work there. Because if this is the entry experience, if this is the kind of bullshit the company buys into, it’s highly likely to be non-stop bullshit of all flavors once you actually get hired.

I was struck by the claim about "perceived ‘enthusiasm.’” Enthusiasm for what, exactly? The interview process itself? Because what else would it be detecting your response to? I may be enthusiastic about a job, but never about the interview itself…

Also: given the whole issue of dark skin fairly consistently not working with facial recognition, I have to wonder whether this just amounts to: “Applicant’s skin is too dark to to properly register with the system. Conclusion: don’t hire.”


I’m pretty sure we have some Replicants working on our floor.


Wheeeee. Of course this won’t get used for much higher than entry-level jerbs, where the applicant has little choice to refuse such absurd nonsense.

I can see one good use case: looking for microexpressions and enthusiasm in CEOs in their last sad defense before putting their neck in a guillotine. “computer says noooo”

Sometimes I feel alright that life has led me into such an obsolete, hands on, often painfully old-school career. (machinist of all types) no shop would get many applicants if they tried this.


It’s not even bribery. More like a frat brother that thinks he knows something about tech who has a dad that has connections. From there, sky’s the limit, and that’s more than enough to get a new company up and running!


“You’re sitting at your desk in the middle of the desert. You see your boss approaching. He asks you to be sure to put a coversheet on your TPS report”

“What’s a TPS report?”

“Do you know what bullshit busywork is?”


“Saaaame thing.”

“I’ve never seen a TPS report in real life… But I know what one is”


You made me LOL at work. You deserve a cookie. :cookie::laughing:

“Saaaame thing.”

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I think I’m going to get that list of clients and put it in the jobs/career bit of my wiki as places to never apply for jobs at.




Reversed Voight-Kampff?

Ridley Scott based Blade Runner’s LA on his childhood home town of Middlesbrough. I don’t think that is just cigarette smoke in that room.


You’re a replicant? Good good. Here’s your welcome package.

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