When you realize robots really are going to steal your job

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I’ll be happy to turn my job over to robots as long as I can live a life of leisure. Isn’t that how this is suppose to work?


When they design a robotic cat that can knock small objects off of tables and counters, and that will paw you awake at 5am, then cats will truly have something to fear.


Since robots tend to weigh more, we should be worried if cat replacements decide to flop on our chests or sit on our heads…:scream:


Is that a real kitty or aineko from accelerando? If the latter then be very afraid.

Obvious jokes aside1), I can see robotic pets being very successful.
Among other reasons because you can turn them off.
Seriously, in a society where “xyz on demand” and “xyz as a service” is already very successful, robotic pets seem unavoidable.

1) Any convincing mechanical kitty would have to be equipped with two truely random random generators, though.
The first one to mix up the kitty’s behaviour.
The second one to deceide when the first one is active or not.


Capitalists are going to outsource human jobs to robots. It will be a long time before robots are in a position to decide who gets which jobs. #dontblameR2

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Ask the guys at Sony about how well they did with Aibo

Not furry enough. Also, too complicated, too expensive.
Really, the thingy they give Woody Allen in Sleeper would have done better.

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Shhhh. they will hear you.

The ripoff video cuts out the original coleandmarmalade.com ending which is the best part IMHO.

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I want a robot to replace ME that feeds, waters, and cleans up hairballs after kitty. Plus stuffs her in a carrier and takes her to the vet.

I’ll keep petting and teasing (playing) duty.

Do androids dream of electric cats?

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