Where childhood memories go


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Only tangentially related but I find it interesting that I sometimes access long forgotten memories when I have a fever. I have been told that the same thing is sometimes true when using drugs…


The fever thing sounds interesting, it could also be that these are false memories, or memories of fever dreams.
As for drugs, that’s about as broad as saying when using ‘stuff’, or ‘things’.
Ayahuasca is said to recall old memories, but I’ve not heard the same of any other ‘drugs’.


if the new pixar movie taught me anything, it’s that they go deep down to my subconscious, and then sadly fizzle away in a puff of smoke blurred by my own tears.


And some of us have large quantities of perfectly clear memories going back to <1yr old. Different brains have different wiring and different chemistry.


The problem with memories is that they’re fluid and often change. We also often mistake distant memories of dreams with things that actually happened.


BING BONG! :sob:


My first memories are from when I was two (Earth) years old - which I noticed was also when I developed symbolic communication. The combination of spoken and written language changed everything for me. From what, I cannot say!


There’s a tiny planet calling
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So true! There was an article on here just recently, (can’t remember when, hah! :), about 70% of the population being susceptible to false memories from just a few repetitions. Scary…

ETA: http://boingboing.net/2015/02/09/police-interrogation-technique.html


Ya know, I’m pretty sure that folks are susceptible to false memories from just a few repetitions.


I like the comment about early memories mainly being things with emotional content - my first memory is of having bitten my younger sister, although that may be conflated with a memory of her arm being cut by a broken mixing bowl in the kitchen. I was probably around 3 years old, maybe a bit younger, but not much because she was walking age when it happened.

I’ve got a lot more memories from the house we moved away from when I was 4, but those were mostly after I was much more verbal.


My earliest distinct and confirmable memory is @ 24 to 30 months was in the back of a California Highway Patrol car getting a ride back to our house after my Mom spun out the Chevy station wagon on the on ramp.


I have a handful of clear memories from before I was 2, two of which my family has confirmed actually happened (and which they never thought about much or talked about later). Once I tried to climb out of my crib and got my foot stuck. When they replace my crib with a bed we found a bunch of multi-colored cotton balls under it (apparently from some game I used to play with my older sister). The other one is actually a bad dream (or maybe just imagination) I had where this fluffy dog thing on my wall (I was still in a crib at the time) came alive and turned evil.

I used to joke/speculate that not having earl memories is because my brain was rewriting its OS with one that used a different file format.


You’re just saying that because of the ritualized satanic abuse your went through. Sad, but true. We’re here for you, crenquis. Especially if you want to file a class-action lawsuit. Reasonable rates…


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