Which American cities have lowest herd immunity due to anti-vaxxers?


“Of course you turned out fine, but you never hear about the ones who died from measles. They tend not to be able to make a big stink about it. Being dead and all.”


See, this is the problem, right here. People blame concerned parents exclusively and fail to lay the blame squarely at his feet, where it belongs. Sure, people need to inform themselves better, but this man perpetrated a fraud that, for quite some time, theaverage parent had no reason to doubt. My first kids were born in the period between the publication of his fraudulent study and its subsequent debunking and the loss of his medical license. It was not an easy decision, but we were (are) blessed with a fantastic Doctor who listened to us, gave us great information and a very pragmatic path forward.

Andrew Wakefield is a monster and every time this subject comes up his name should be singled out for shaming. Pointing to the source of the fraud at least equips people to inform themselves better, if they’re so inclined.


It certainly can play a huge role, which was @knoxblox point. Even free medical supplies mean nothing if you don’t have access in, say rural Idaho. Not everyone has a clinic or Walgreen’s down the block and many probably aren’t even aware of the availability. The insane cost of insurance and medical care means that many, many people simply go without any medical attention. There was at least a five year block of time in which I didn’t see a single medical professional due to lack of access in one form or another.


Thanks! I totally missed that it said that.


OMG, now I want to move…


The researchers have admitted to a calculation error for Allegheny County. Pittsburgh isn’t a hotspot.


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