Who Cares What Steve Albini Thinks? You Probably Do



Great article. Thanks so much.

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More precise instructions for the paper airplane (omit steps 13-17): http://www.paperaeroplanes.com/themonkey

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“Shellac: the Sound of the Future

You seem to have a dangling quotation mark there. Minor quibble for a great article.

Awesome. I was a DJ at a college station in Albini’s recording heyday. Loved to read this and learn more about him. He sounds every bit as direct and fiercely integral as the music he made. Thanks, Maureen!

My buddies are much bigger Albini fans, so I know him only because of them, but I always dug Shellac’s “Pull The Cup.” Fantastic tune.

I was lucky enough to have seen the Jesus Lizard at a small venue in the mid-90s. Fucking incredible show. If I ever get my Hi8 camera working so I can play the tape, I’ll upload the video I shot that night. Completely off-the-hook.

I’m not really into the same music that Steve Albini is interested in recording, but his ethos is precisely why he continues to get work. He recognizes that his job is to record the band. He doesn’t want to be an extra member of the band, or make songs “listenable.” He wants to hear the band, and record what they sound like, so that others can also hear what they sound like.

It may be good, it may be bad, but that’s not his job. Some people will love it, some will hate it, but his idea that it’s insulting to tell a band “hey, I’m recording your album, this isn’t going to be popular” is right on. Let the audience decide. And if it sucks? Well, that’s also not his responsibility. The band has a vision, let them express that vision.


This is the best music article I’ve read in years. Thanks and kudos for an amazing interview. Please let’s have more on par w this one.

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