Who is still imprisoned in Guantanamo?

I wonder if John Leso " designed" Chelsea Manning’s regime?

To me your question sounds a lot like “OK, we fucked up really badly…now how do we get out of it without suffering any negative consequences for ourselves?” Sometimes when you fuck up really badly you suffer negative consequences as a result.

America has alot to answer for, but its villany is fairly mild compared to empires of similar power.

America’s issue is Hypocrisy. Putin and China don’t pretend to be a shining beacon of liberty to the world, they just have to keep their people relatively comfortable and prosperous, and give them a boost of patriotic flag waving now and then.

America, on the other hand, talks the talk but fails to walk the walk. It cops flack because it’s the land of Jefferson and Paine, and it trumpets this to the world as an example to follow, and it is justly held to the standard it has set for itself.


Well, ideally a solution should be as painless as possible. But at this point I’d settle for a messy one.

Yes, America is fairly mild compared to empires of similar power. But are there any empires of similar power?

China’s human rights record seems to be slowly but steadily improving, but it is still a lot worse than the American one. But human rights in China are not my problem anyway. America’s behavior IS my problem.

I live in Austria. The Chinese government might or might not spy on my government. The NSA knows who all of my friends are. The CIA has abducted innocent people who happened to be muslims from nearby countries (e.g. Abu Omar from Italy). Then US diplomats tried to pressure the Italian government to interfere with independent justice and prevent an investigation of the case. This fact was revealed by Wikileaks. Incidentally, I couldn’t donate to them easily because the only credit card providers that matter are American companies.

I actually like America. I’ve visited the country multiple times, and I think its people are among the friendliest and most welcoming in the world. I still think America has a lot of positive influence on the world. But America also has the power to extend its negative influence all the way into my home. All the other bad (and worse) guys fortunately lack this power.


I imagine the logic goes, “Every single one of the men imprisoned here hate the US with a cold hatred and would probably act on it upon their release… Innocent or not when they were brought here, we ensured they would be this way, and so it is.” Also, their friends and families remain at large, so our government will have to increase “defense” spending forever.

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There are thousands of prisons in America where one may imprison a guilty man or woman. For those who don’t fall into that category, we have Guantanamo.

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