China has 500+ Uighur camps and prisons and is holding far more than one million, activists say

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I know the CPC admires Lenin, but I think they misinterpreted his line about Russia being the “prison of the nations” as something to which they should aspire.

Seriously, this is horrible.


I can’t even bring myself to post a sarcastic reply, this is just too evil. F*ck.


The enemies of equality and liberty are a constant threat to humanity.
My homeland, currently known as the USofA, imprisons over 2 million of it’s own citizens. Many judges and prosecutors use prison rape as a very real threat. The minority of mostly white christian corporations use incarceration as a tool of social management against mostly impoverished populations.


I think for a while there was an impression that the CCP was moving away from the bad old days of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. That is clearly not the case, they are every bit as bad as the Nazis or the Soviets at their worst, but (thanks to us in the west) they have technology 20th century despots could never have dreamed of.

Until the CCP is smashed and replace with a regime that has freedom of movement and a free press, we should assume everything any official sources from China say is a lie, and interpret any lack of transparency in the worst possible light.

I’m surprised you guys managed to post this without an army of wu mao nationalist trolls showing up in the comments.


You can rest assured that those nations of the world who are clear of even the slightest taint of oppression will quickly marshal their economic and military force and bring the Chinese autocracy to heel.

Only after the USA has been rendered 100.00 percent pure, of course.

Trump… looking on with envy.


A slight problem here: the quoted organization is ‘Washington based’.
That makes any and all of its statements very much in need of independent (read: verifiably not tied to the US) crosschecking.

Until then, it’s very hard not to take such extraordinary claims to be anything else than propaganda.

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