China is sending its ethnic minorities to torture camps to be brainwashed out of Islam

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DO NOT let Mike Pence hear about this!


Commies vs. Muslims: this is the kind of story that will put American conservative Know-Nothings into kernel panic mode.

Otherwise this is truly awful, but I suppose it would be naive these days to assume that China wouldn’t abuse its ethnic minorities when supposed beacons of democracy in the West are busy setting up their own camps for theirs.


CONSERVATIVE Know-Nothings. Rationalization goes into serious overtime when it’s a matter of staying in or breaking into lucrative Chinese markets.


China’s new anti-Islam torture camps – a scaled-up version of Gitmo, complete with bizarre fears over “sharia law.”

Located just a short drive west of Lubbock, TX.

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Those lucrative Chinese markets appear to include the market for private prisons/detention centers/concentration camps, which several prominent publicly-traded American firms would love to get in on!


The “final solution.” Where have I heard that before?

Most of the territory China now occupies is home to people who are not Han Chinese, ethnically, culturally, or linguistically.

China wishes to exterminate all of these people. Once they are all either dead or fully assimilated, China will let little Han Chinese kids dress up in ethnic garb to ‘celebrate’ the extinct cultures.

In Trumpski’s dreams he exercises a Chinese degree of fascism at home.


Or at least neuter their non-compliant culture, with religion being the pretext. As an atheist one thing I don’t see this as is some victory of rationality over superstition. We’re discussing a nation-state that’s debased Communism to the level of religion, complete with empty rituals, hagiographies, and a sacred text. The Chinese economy bears as much resemblance to Marxist doctrine as Joel Osteen’s megachurch does to the Christian credos of love for the least among us.




Read this article a few weeks ago. Its long but a very deep read.

Aside from all snark and judgment this is actually happening. This is actually repeating Chinese history. We are mirroring our own internment of Japanese around the same time in this country with these migrant prison camps and sticking children in cages.

The smart people can actually see that this is actually happening the people who pay attention can actually see that this is happening and the historians or people who read history understand truly how backwards and fucked this is at a fundamental level.

My question for all of you and the rest of humanity is how many times does something need to be directly repeated like this in broad daylight without exaggeration before people stop doing it? How long does it take to hold people accountable throw them in jail or remove them from power for this? How long does it take and what does it take to immediately end this bullshit?

What is the point of History if the only thing we can do is live through it and never change it.

Both China and America wake the fuck up please and make this stop not three years from now but at the end of this week. Tomorrow.



And so China, determined not to fall victim to the Islamic terrorism that seemingly plagues the rest of the world, take the very action that ensures that it will. How Greekly tragedean.


The terrorist attacks would be very convenient for them. It would provide pretext for more repressions.

Not to defend the Chinese government, but there have been some cases of separatist violence (which the Chinese state equates with Muslim terrorism), and Uighur fighters from Xinjiang can be found in Syria and Afghanistan.

Even pre-Communism, China has had problems with religion inspired rebellions. Or at least that’s the way China paints it. It’s real easy to suspect though, that China highlights the religious aspects of these conflicts, present and past, to obscure the legitimate grievances that the rebels held.


It does seem certain that the Chinese government has been stepping up security in Xinjiang. See this thread:

However, it’s also certain that Western media is not trustworthy when it comes to internal Chinese politics. Particularly if Radio Free Asia and the NED are involved:

There’s been a noticable surge of anti-Chinese propaganda on Twitter during recent months, some of it obviously manufactured. Which may be driven by events in China, or may be driven by forces outside China.


I dare say that uighurs going abroad for jihad is a consequence of the Chinese governments treatment of the Uighurs.

Entirely possible.

OTOH, the Chinese government is not known for cracking down on religious minorities unless they see them as a threat to the state. It may be a bit of a chicken vs egg situation.

So China wants to suppress Uighur separatism, so it decides to suppress Uighur national consciousness and determines that the best way to do that is by suppressing Islam. And so angry young Uighurs become jihadists.

Part of it, yeah.

But also: America and the Europeans want to fuck with their competitors, so they promote Uighur separatism and pour money and guns into the jihadis.

As they did in Syria, as they did in Libya, as they did in a hundred other countries before that.

It’s also worth noting that China is far from the only country that is suppressing Islam at the moment. The travel ban was upheld just yesterday, and we have had nearly twenty years of this:

And the Oz government is not much better on that front:

I would be very hesitant to take at face value any statement from the Trump or Turnbull governments regarding Islam and China. The hypocrisy is obvious, the motivations are self-serving.

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I’m all for the prying the world from under the yoke of religion but this is not the way to do it.