Terror as disappearances follow Chinese student communists' solidarity with striking workers


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Every day, in every way, the world manages to get a little bit weirder. It seems that whatever the potential outcomes are from any situation, the politicians will always plump for the most destructive option.


Looking forward to an up and coming member of the National People’s Congress talking about how he has a list of 205 (or 57 or 81) “known unionists” in the State Council, and demanding hearings to root out “unionist sympathizers” in the film and television industry.


Chinese schools always leave out the critical part where they explain that all the Marxist and Communist ideology that students are expected to learn is just a cover story and shibboleth for crony capitalism by party members.


The House Comitee on Un-Chinese Activity?


The fundamental dichotomy between Marxist Ideology and the modern Chinese Communist Party reminds me of the dichotomy between Christ’s teachings and the modern Evangelical Christians in the U.S.


For real. The entire human experience is a shit show. Given enough good intentions and some time, we can turn anything into a kill-crazy rampage.


Unfortunately China has decided to revert to totalitarian nationalism. This clampdown coincides with the bulldozing of churches and massed re-education camps for Uighur Muslims:


And I imagine that if the Evangelicals got the theocracy they so want, Christians would find themselves in a similar situation…


And people wonder why the vast majority of people here in Taiwan have zero desire to be annexed by China…


It seems as though Xi Jinping has learned much from his neighbor Kim.


True dat. I distinctly remember the days when Chinese student activists were disappeared for protesting against the communists.


This tracks really closely the plot in Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel this year “Red Moon”. The novel did a great job (for me) of making visible some of the social and political characteristics of China that are hinted at in some recent Chinese SF.


Hong Kong was kind of supposed to be the proof that the PRC could absorb a Westernized democracy to tempt the RoC back into the fold. With the slow choking off of freedoms there, it is not going well.


"The students – who call themselves “Marxists” and "Maoists"

An economic theorist with some good insights, and a world class murdering thug. Cognitive dissonance much?


It’s a cultural and educational thing. Blame the schools for that, not the students.


This is not surprising. Soviet Union, and their vassal states, hated the idea of an even semi-independent labor movement, and viciously suppressed any attempts at that.

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