Chinese kids brawl with KFC customers as South China Sea online patriotism campaign spills onto the streets


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I don’t suppose anybody pointed out to the elementary students that China isn’t stealing the islands from KFC.

Did I just type that sentence?


I imagine that they’re convinced that China isn’t stealing the islands from anybody.

All peaceful at the local KFC today.


Oh, good. Just the other day I was thinking that we need more media-hyped demonstrations by brain-dead ultra-nationalists on this planet we share.


Just turn on your TV:



Hmm I am not sure how valid China’s claims to islands in the South China Sea are in the first place. Do they have a flag?


So a political party has been using media manipulation and propaganda to whip up nationalism and bigotry, and now finds that a frenzied mob of nationalist bigots is not as easy to control as they thought? Hmm. Maybe Reince Priebus and the CPC politburo should compare notes.



They’re afraid of another communist revolution; all those citizens have been programmed since birth be Good Chinese Citizens™ and thus follow implicit orders, seen as the good of the state, even when those orders are…unprofitable.


better, yet, they have a line. A nine dashed line, in fact.


No flag, no country, you can’t have one!



My favorite bit: the Communist Youth League, elements of whom led the protests, are now denouncing the protests as being stoked by Chinese press that is “controlled by capitalists” who’re staging them as false-flag ops.

Good thing China isn’t a capitalist country /s


Interesting that the Chinese aren’t drumming up protests against the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

edit: oh yeah, and Papua New Guinea.


Such a strange notion!

How different are we? Is China’s internet our future? Is ours theirs?

I feel like our online narratives are controlled more by commercial powers than government, but it seems those aren’t really hard lines to cross…


My personal feeling is that the Chinese are worried that they cannot colonize Africa and the Western Pacific quick enough to keep their economy from imploding, and they are trying to distract themselves from that. Maybe they should build more vacant cities.


These sort of street protests are just the kind of training the youth of China needs for greater internal protests against the communist government itself. The government seems to be unwittingly making the mistake of allowing the expression of hate and discontent in public demonstrations. It may be against Americans and Japanese now, but that focus could change overnight and in my estimation that night is not far off.


I’m still voting for Col. Sanders regardless of who the nominee is.


SB is just a wee bit stronger than “stupid ass.” Unless they are translating into British English and saying stupid ass frequently leads to hospital visits in Britain.