China is sending its ethnic minorities to torture camps to be brainwashed out of Islam

Only Catholicism and Communism have former leaders whose bodies are preserved in glass boxes for the purposes of worship. Lenin, Mao, Ho, both the previous Kims. Joe Stalin is the only one who got de-boxed as far as I know.

Interesting that Fidel was not pickled as his personality cult is still alive and well.


Judging by his burial bust he’s filled with impotent rage about it, too.

Wish I could take my dog over there to salute him.

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Understanding that your righteous sentiment is widespread, the security around an in the mausoleum is exactly what you’d expect. Even the hint of an intent to cause infraction draws a guard over, and visitors are guaranteed to see it in action.

The walk-through inside the mausoleum reminded me of nothing other than a carnival haunted house without the jump scares.


I really wish they had de-boxed Lenin during that too-brief interim between Gorbachev and Putin.

Nearly all of what people blame on Marxism is actually due to Lenin and that “revolutionary vanguard” bullshit. It’s when you see a movement describe itself as “Marxist-Leninist” that you really need to steer clear.

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