Muslim woman who escaped from a Chinese concentration camp describes gang-rapes, torture, forced medical experiments

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Also, not the least bit surprising…


maybe we shouldn’t have anything to do with china, trade-wise, after all. fuck it.


This is why China needs to be checked by the international community, i feel like a lot of international leadership know that these things are true and have probably known for a long time but they choose to ignore it because it benefits everyone to let China do whatever they want.


Wait…I thought China was our friend? Lebron said so!


Didn’t trump promise his silence to China on matters relating to HK and others recently?



I’d rather that Xi Jinping and his cronies and thugs leave this planet, instead. Along with Il Douche, who doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about their crimes, and his bunch. Orban, Erdogan, Putin, etc., etc.


Saying “I don’t want them to live…” could be misconstrued as a “threat,” though…



This is one case where ‘engagement’ will have zero effect. Total isolation (and sorry, Chinese people, but until you find the wherewithal to do something about your political system … ) is the only option.

ETA That was a reaction - and it may be the right one - but maybe, for the sake of the Chinese people some engagement is necessary. But everything and anything to sanction the Chinese government, its officials, and its major corporations, must be done.


I lost a LOT of respect for LeBron over this.


The NBA and China. Well, maybe not all of China, just the fucktard commie leaders condoning harm to others. And well, maybe not all of the NBA, just the fucktard capitalistic xtian leaders condoning harm to others. The NBA players themselves can chat about rape with their chinese business comrades; maybe it is cheaper to get out of statutory rapes in China than the US? Kobe had to spend something like $600k for just one little Colorado girl. On second thought, fuck the whole NBA. Grown men playing with their balls in public is disgusting.

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Umm, me too. But how to make it happen?

You know that Trump will do fuck all about it.

Have you heard any of the Democrats asked about Chinese genocide in the debates? 'Cos I seem to have missed that part.

Just like on climate change, I am afraid it’s up to the USA to walk point.


We already knew that the Chinese commumists were just as bad as Nazis up to about 1980. Now we know that nothing has changed, and nothing will change until they are deposed.

Engagement didn’t work. It was, from the beginning, as stupid an idea as “engaging” with the Nazis would have been, and it’s time we woke up to that.


The Nazis could have killed every Jew, every gay non-Jew, every Romani, and every Jehova’s Witness in Germany and the rest of the world would have not lifted a finger.

It’s only when the panzers started rolling into Poland and France that “engagement” came to an end, or, shall we say, morphed into a different sort of engagement.

I am expecting much the same re: China. If they keep it inside their borders, it will all blow over just like Tiananmen (remember that?) did.


If anything’s going to happen in regard to military incursions, it’ll be in the South China Sea. But otherwise, they’ll get a lot of finger-wagging from the West but nothing else. Not even with Hong Kong.


Good point, dude.

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And for some reason China is given a seat amongst the world’s Nations at the UN and treated as though nothing is wrong at all.

No matter how extreme they violate International norms and human decency people act as though nothing is happening

I want a leader who calls this shit out on national TV directly naming the country and the leader responsible and describing what they are allowing and then do that at the UN with them standing there and being forced to listen, slamming the podium in brute rage as they do so

This shit is happening in the open there is plenty of evidence it is very obvious and nobody is doing a goddamn thing about it


I vote for threatening. With enough of us, the threats become a resistance and with tons of us it becomes a revolution! Viva la resistance!


It’s too bad the Iraqi incubator babies and constant Orange Liar exposure have made me a permanent skeptic. How to even get started on telling the truth from the bullshit? Some elements of her story don’t quite add up. "“The inmates would be given pills or injections,” she said. “[They] had different kinds of effects. “Some prisoners were cognitively weakened. Women stopped getting their period and men became sterile.” How would she know the men became sterile? Was she giving them fertility tests? It’s not the sort of thing you can tell just from looking at someone.