China is still harvesting organs from prisoners and covering it up

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That is some dark, Mengele level evil shit.


And the worst part is that the rest of the world won’t stop China human right abuse, because that would be economically inconvenient.


Not to mention functionally impossible to effect any kind of real change on a 1.2 Billion person country from outside. What are the options?

  1. War - a non starter. Many millions would die, it is impossible to actually win an invasion of any kind, and it would destroy the world.
  2. Economic embargo - counterproductive and likely ineffective. Large parts of the world would not participate, it would be trivially easy to cheat without some use of #1.
  3. Diplomatic pressure. I think that is currently being tried, with minimal success.

It’s hard to accept, but there isn’t much that non-Chinese people or countries can do at this point other than express our disagreement and try to support change in some way. Also, don’t buy organs.


We need to double down on research to grow replacement organs from the patient’s stem cells. Whether that can replace this awful practice I don’t know. As long as there’s a demand (probably from rich people) it will continue.


I sort of know what you mean, but that seems like a weird flex under the circumstances. Someone in Duluth buying a Chinese-made phone is not giving permission to the world’s most powerful and autonomous organisation to murder people for their organs. That is squarely on the Chinese government.


Rather more than you list. To start with, economic sanctions need to be targetted. Every senior member of the CP should be named and these people need to be the focus of sanctions. No assets allowed in boycotting countries. No visits. No relatives’ visits. And so on.


Late Stage People’s Capitalism.

There’s also this:

The Chinese government treats its minority citizens as if they were sub-human. Yet, there are no consequences. What can be done?


You are right about this, and it’s really hard to avoid products made in China these days. Also, such customer boycott probably wouldn’t be effective. What I meant is that pressure could be exerted on China by other governments, for example in ways @anothernewbbaccount mentions. It’s hard to say if this would be effective (EU + US could be in my opinion, Muslim countries could also join in), but right now no government is even trying.

Yes, this is completely Chinese government’s fault, but I’m not talking about placing blame, and even if I were, it would be on governments that are not pressuring China, not citizens. I’m not even blaming foreign corporations that knowingly benefit from human rights abuse in China, because corporations are by definition amoral and motivated only by profit, and as such they should be regulated by government (That doesn’t mean that corporations shouln’t be shamed for benefitting from human rights abuse - if such shaming harms their brand enough to to hurt their profits, they may reconsider).

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Strange fruit. With Chinese characteristics.


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