China says it will stop harvesting organs from prisoners


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As someone that firmly believes that organ donation should be opt-out and not opt-in, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

It’s good, but… Kind of the wrong way round. Couldn’t they have just allowed the prisoners to opt-out? It would have resulted in a win-win, nearly as many organ donations, with the plus that it’s not creepy or incentivising execution.

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Suggested Reading material: Larry Niven’s “The Patchwork Man”. As is often the case, good SF has seen this from a long ways off and reported on the effect.


“Donated” doesn’t seem like quite the right word here.


Gonna give a read on that.

As an advocate for donor organs, I have often wondered but never feared, would I be kept alive or used for organs given my proclivity for such equalise of free donorship, if under extreme physical duress.

Those who did not give consent for organ transplant. Glad I live not in China penal or my personal views may wind up on a slab.

Still. When the dark light take away life, is it not good for our remainstoo provide life for those others? Of course circumstances give way too arguments.

It is terrible to be condemned and forfeit of life, giving life too others for unknown crimes is surreal with out will of venture.

And Burning Man participants think piss and being fined or label is tough.

“All new organ donors must volunteer”.

The State: Sir, sign here to donate your organs.
Prisoner: I don’t want to.
The State: Don’t you understand? We changed the law, and you must volunteer. The law says you must, therefore you must. Now sign.

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