Muslim woman who escaped from a Chinese concentration camp describes gang-rapes, torture, forced medical experiments

If they were “chemically castrated”, the effect would be obvious.


Chemical castration does not produce sterility…but sure, it’s possible its a translation or understanding thing.

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She doesn’t have medical degree, so judging the plausibility of her story by the precision of medical terms she used to describe it would be unreasonable.


That would be great, because, in order to do that with a straight face, the politician would have to have sorted out their own country’s bollocks before hand. I would welcome a cleansing of our global cupboard.

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Someone that risked life and limb to flee from certain death at a concentration reeducation camp would have little incentive to lie. As a comparison people that were able to flee from Nazi concentration camps during WW2 reported what they experienced and saw and the US thought that the reports were so outrageous that they must’ve not been true, and we know how that turned out. My suggestion is to take this person for their word, especially because this one person’s account corroborates previous reports of how China treats the Uighur muslims.


I am sure the hundreds of thousands who will be killed by the Chinese government over the next few years will appreciate our righteousness in doing that.


Indeed, and the tens of thousands dying in the War on Drugs and other proxy conflicts would rather that something was done about clearing house on this side of world. The two projects wouldn’t need to be run consecutively. However, I’ve got little hope that much will be done on putting either political system in order.

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