After sweeping election victories, Hong Kong protesters stage massive demonstrations marking their 6-month anniversary

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They don’t have to. Just ask the Uighurs in reeducation camps.


No matter how you look at it, this isn’t going to end well for Carrie Lam. She should have scooped up what she could of her ill-gotten gains and hopped a midnight flight to a comfortable and high-security exile at least 4 months ago. Not that I’m shedding any tears for Winnie the Pooh’s hapless little puppet.


HK has the advantage that they are not in the mainland. If they were this would have gone much differently because the Chinese ruling party controls so much of the daily lives and movement of their citizens. I am disappointed that with all the leaks about the Uighurs and their extreme treatment i have not seen any action from the international community in their stead, their situation seems dire though i presume that’s also why its important for the people of HK to redouble their efforts. They’re pretty much on their own.


We could do with some massive mobilization over here. Could they maybe bottle up some of their willingness to give a shit and send it to America posthaste?


We will take any unused fucks.


Ran into a Chinese national studying in my city, attending college here and joined my hackerspace.

He thinks everything about the Uigurs and everything reported in the western media is a fake narrative, and that I just dont have the “truth”.

Fuck him.


I’ll bet the int’l community figures, 'heck, they’re Islamic, so why should we care". Global tacit rationalization.

I think we need to remember that Chinese people get very different narratives hammered into their heads by state propaganda, than what we have over here. When you grow up hearing that “the west” is against you and how they’re too evil/capitalist/uncultured/just “western” in general to understand what’s really going on, and how they’re constantly trying to undermine the system you’re part of with lies, and show your nation in a bad light, well - that’s going to stick in your head. Even if you’re intelligent and curious enough to want to know what the world is like outside of your bubble, if you have patriotic leanings then you’ll very soon find yourself on the defensive when faced with what you perceive as attacks on your country.

(Once I had a discussion with some Americans & western Europeans about how there wasn’t much of a nuclear scare on the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain back in the day. And that’s because, well, we didn’t have the “we should be alert because the evil Reds will destroy us with their nukes!” narrative - it was “the west is shaking with fear and jealousy at the sight of our strength! if we build communism hard enough all we’ll need to do is step up and take over when capitalists inevitably destroy themselves by their filthy, decadent ways.”)

I think it’s more like, “Uh, China, about those human rights abuses…” “Do you want to do business with us or not?” “Er… never mind.”


I’m sure that’s part of the equation, although if China gathered up and imprisoned Catholics…


They’re already restricting the rights of Christians, although not nearly to the extent of what they’re doing with Muslims and Uighurs in particular. The Dear Leader of my country is actually very enthusiastic about protecting persecuted Christians (not out of any religious conviction, more like as a form of Islamophobia, he recently appeared in person on some international “save Christians from the evil Muslims!” conference held here), but curiously, he never mentioned China.

We also happen to have fairly strong business and diplomatic ties with China.


The Chinese government requires Catholics to be part of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, which appoints its own bishops and does not acknowledge the authority of the Pope.


It sounds like the “save Christians…” is intended to create and solidify those “ties”.

Just to let people not so confident with the matter.

The “election victories” was more symbolical than anything else as Beijing always win.
CCP decided that only half of the seats can be elected by people, the other half is designed by them.
That what triggered the Umbrella movement in 2015.

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I suppose also, they’re poor. In HK there are a lot of businesses and money running.
It’s also near Taiwan an Philippines, so it’s a more interesting place compared to some obscure place in mainland China.


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