Thousands of elderly Hong Kongers march in solidarity with young human rights activists

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Hong Kong’ers fighting for their lives, and in the USA???



Taiwan is watching. China is having difficulty absorbing 7.3 million HK residents but still demands that Taiwan join the party? It is like a sick child vomiting up a sandwich but insisting that he is ready for a big dinner.


The “Olds” are alright.


“Because it’s mine and nobody else can have it.”


Because gradparents know that if their grandkkids get extradited, those same grandkids will wind up as involuntary organ donors.


It’s like some kind of Chinese “people’s republic” or something.


meanwhile, in the us of a:


I think it’s more that just the drive to get more power inherent in any government’s claim of sovereignty over anything. In this case, life is manifestly better, in every possible way, for people in Taiwan than in China, so its existence is a constant rebuke to the quality of the Communist Party’s governance and to their fitness to rule.

If the Taiwanese system were not manifestly so much better than the Chinese one, I don’t think the commies would care nearly as much about it.


It’s quite a contrast with the Western olds, the majority of whom are are so focused on preserving their comforts by supporting their “free”-market consensus (e.g. the selfish variety of Boomer) or indulging in nostalgia that enables right-wing populist demagogues (e.g. MAGA or Brexit) that they’re willing to sacrifice the futures of their grandkids.


Unlike younger participants, this generation is intimately familiar with the 1989 democracy demonstrations in Tiananmen Square and throughout China - and the subsequent slaughter and imprisonment of the participants. Plus they will now be identified, tracked and harassed for the rest of their lives, enabled by American developed facial recognition and other technologies.

These are very courageous people. I sincerely hope they are successful.


That’s hilariously sad.

Maybe their boomers and millenials don’t hate each other, as they do here, apparently, so I’ve heard.

Please don’t hate me. I signed up for Medicare today. I’m so sorry.


Wow, just…f*#k me…

Trump is now having Catholic nuns arrested en masse?

I’m trying to think of something more heinous that he hasn’t done yet and I can’t think of anything honestly

Im just fucking speechless. Such a noble and just reason, a rare example of morally good religious motivation and this man is shutting it down.

If my aunt who lived to a hundred and was a Catholic nun all her life were alive right now she would think she was in hell


I just want to say this whole thing in Hong Kong for the last month has been the only world news making me hopeful humanity hasn’t completely lost its soul.

I’m American but I’m damn proud of everyone in Hong Kong right now for standing up to this bullshit so forcefully and for so long consistently and not backing down. THIS is how you fight the powers that be, people.


Roger That!


Only two types? I know I’m not a MAGA drone. Am I basking in my comforts, enjoying the benefits of my beloved “free” market? I hope not.

As for Medicare, I paid into that system my whole working life, in preparation for today’s sign up. The agreement was that I’d get at least some of that money back. I hope for the sake of the younger generations that something will be done to enlarge the footprint of Obamacare at the very least. My sincere hope is that something like Canada’s system will be founded in at least one state, like Canada started with BC, so that the idea of its mercy and utility for everyone can spread.


No. The term “majority” implies a minority beyond those two types.

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Thanks for that clarification. I appreciate it. Really.

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