Who wants to "study" AI and Machine Learning?

Who has some programming chops, but not much in the area of AI and Machine Learning?

I’m interested in these two Coursera classes:

I freely admit my mathematical and thus statistical skills are doodly-squat, but I hope that won’t stop me.

An acquaintance is working on the second course, but I thought maybe I should ease into it a bit.

My end-goal is not to be a big-time data-scientist, but to broaden my programming knowledge, and apply it to my Natural Language Processing/Generation interests (leisure-time “creative computing” sure has changed over the decades!).

I’m going to start in on #1 for sure – but I’m much more likely to finish - and get more out of it - if some of you join in!


If it helps computerphile on youtube have videos on ai and neural networks.

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So, I’m only in the middle of Lesson 3 (Intro to AI).

After the first two slow weeks, I’m trying to pick up the pace, but lost an entire evening to trying to get Verizon to replace a cellphone [the time was more due to our problems with the existing recalcitrant beast than Verizon’s].

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The Intro to AI course is starting more barebones, with goals, graph-search, and probability.

Oh, my aching crappy math “skills”!

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