Who will rescue the U.S. Postal Service?

If the abductor is not threatening their life but rather their income source then yes, I would consider them just as guilty for not refusing to participate.

You gotta love Reductio ad absurdum

I’ll use a more precise metaphor then. Did you watch the Taken series? Where they kidnapped the protagonist’s daughter? Is the Liam Neeson character the bad guy? Here’s a quick guide:

Kidnappers = GOP Congress
Liam Neeson = Dem Congress
Kidnapped daughter = USPS

I understood your metaphor. Why did they not correct this horrorshow when they controlled the executive and both the house and the senate during the very next administration?

They were busy?

Besides, as I linked above, they are trying to correct it now.

How does “Busy” fit into your Taken metaphor?

Liam Neeson still had to deal with traffic on his way to the rescue.


That was funny, I’ll give you that.

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Well, yeah, probably. :wink:


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