A "No Sense" Trump postage stamp

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Even at zero it’s too much.


I wonder if this will provoke Trump into privatizing the postal service all that much sooner.



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You sure this isn’t just another Trump branded Sched 1 Class A drug?

Yeah, go ahead. Lick it!

Can you imagine the postal service getting even worse? It’s an almost impossible thing to consider.

Better put the gum on the face. People are just going to spit on the wrong side.


Oh, my, someone is going postal when he finds out!

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"$16 for 56 self-adhesive stamps. "

Jesus Christ. he is banking on the hope that people are too blind with rage to realize what a shit price that is.


I absolutely can.

In the last 25 years, I have had nothing but great experiences in my urban post office.

And for 40-something cents, they’ll carry this piece of paper 3000 miles for me and personally hand it to my friend.

And my mail carrier won’t starve or beg on the street for co-pay money when her knees give out at 65.

What are you imagining?


You’re lucky. I’ve had horrible experiences year after year on my area. Maybe it’s because I do a lot of mail order but I frequently have missing or damaged packages or stuff that’s marked as delivered that’s still sitting on the truck. Any time I need to go to the post office (which moved from its convenient downtown location to a far less convenient location in an industrial park on the outskirts of town) I wait in line for 30+ minutes. They never answer their phone, either. It’s terrible. I don’t know if my PO is just particularly short-handed but it’s bad.

That is indeed pretty remarkable.

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There’s a house for sale down the street from me. I’ll hook you up, and the postal service love will flow freely. :slight_smile:


29 cents per stamp.

The stamps I put on letters are nearly double that.

You must be paying retail. That’s a fool’s game, my friend.

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o_0 put a stamp on a letter and someone will take it somewhere else.

Put that Trump sticker on your letter and it will be sent back to you.

Meanwhile I can get 300 Star Wars stickers for ~$6 in an assortment of character and logos. Or 100 pack of hip vinyl ones for $10.


The trick is to use an international reply coupon. Buy low, sell high,

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Who will be the first to take these to the local strip club and have a “Stick a Trump Stamp on a Tramp Stamp” contest?

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