There's going to be scratch-and-sniff postage stamps this summer

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Where are the vanillas? What’s wrong with vanilla in America Today? Multiflavoralism run amok! /s

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For someone with horrible nasal polyps, the announcement from my ENT that he’ll switch me to Prednisone full time could not happen at a better time.
Scratch and sniff all the things!
It’s going to be a smell-abration!


What wonderful news! I hope that in 2021, the USPS will release a set of Smellovision stamps to commemorate the 40th anniversary of John Waters’ Polyester.


I like that their innovating. Last years thermochromic Eclipse stamp was pretty cool. The heat from your finger changed the eclipsed sun into the moon.


I’ll see your Polyester and raise you a certain 1970’s era centerfold in Hustler. :flushed:

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Rarely…no, never have I been this excited for new stamps. WHERE IS MY OLD STICKER BOOK

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First, scratch and sniff stamps featuring frozen treats; next, toddlers eat postage stamps en masse. I realize the USPO makes money on stamps that are bought by collectors, but is there a lack of judgement here?

The next thing you know people will be trying to use them to send Tide Pods through the mail!

Sorry… I was thinking we were doing New Yorker cartoon captions.

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