This scratch-off map is a great gift for globetrotters

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And if you get three 7’s in a row, you could win up to TEN MILLION DOLLARS!!!

*Odds of this event before the heat death of the universe are approximately 1:300.


Added to my retirement planning gear

Can I get it in a Scratch ‘n’ Sniff format?

Scratch a country and smell the smells of that land.

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That’s funny you say that! We have this map (unscratched as yet) and we were wondering what it would be like if it were scratch and sniff - what odour sums up Japan? Or France, where I live now?


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Japan: Sake, Wasabi

France: Cheese, Wine, Coffee

… and so on. It could be a party game – everybody bring something aromatic, then we all close our eyes and try to guess from the aroma what country or region it represents.

We suggested cherry blossom for Japan (at least it smells of something and probably better than raw fish), but for France we were debating what would be uniquely indicative of France and decided that “the smell of bureaucracy” would best sum up the country :slight_smile:



Cherry blossom! Of course, yes!

Good humor.

what happens if you scratch out battle mountain, nevada then?

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Never even knew these things were a ‘thing’ until last week. I was perusing ebay with a search for world maps (starting to refine for old/historical maps) and the first umpteen results were these ‘world travellers can scratch off places they’ve been’ maps. A sure sign of a fad when many sellers make the first page all with the same product?

I’ve never been there, don’t know the place, but let’s think it through. Wikipedia says:

“Battle Mountain is an unincorporated town in and the county seat of Lander County, Nevada, United States … its primary economic base is gold mining and to a lesser extent, legalized gaming.”

Mining smells: crushed rock, sintered metal, gunpowder.

Legalized gaming: paper, I suppose; and, does gold have a smell? (Hmm, not very satisfying. Try again.) How about … Persian carpet, clover honey, and cocaine?

I really don’t see the appeal of such a map. They’re not specific enough IMHO.
A foreigner who spends 3 days in New York gets to “scratch off” the whole USA?!

Travelling doesn’t work that way.

I think you’re allowed to make your own rules… :smirk:

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If you are allowed to make your own rules, I am on earth i have visited one spot and so I am ticking off the whole planet…

A 1000 cities version would be interesting but as someone said ticking off a country based on a city visit meh

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