You too can smell like President-elect Trump


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I have a bottle of this. Awaiting the perfect use case.


But I already have Stan Lee cologne!

Decisions, decisions…


46.5% of the time, it works every time.


Women can’t resist it!


May I suggest using it to confuse the bloodhounds when they come searching for members of the liberal elite press to exact retribution.


I have a black phoenix alchemy labs bottle that smells like aged, fermented pumpkin. Was it the Hoggle Labyrinth scent? I forget.


Need a new cologne? Why not Zoidberg?


I wonder if this is what Jared Kushner wears on date night?


Come on, you know it smells closer to the Pit of Eternal Stench than Hoggle.
(I imagine the wearer might sound more like it as well…)



It kind of makes you wonder if Scrooge McDuck smelled like metallic dusty copper.

But then again if the only thing in that vault was gold coins he might not smell of money at all (I’ve never noticed gold jewelry to smell)?


To be fair, the cologne and the man probably smell quite different, and the ingredients sound interesting.

What does it really smell like? Can you name a comparison?


it’s lemony

Perfect for a Trump lemon party!!!


I’ve been stocking up on barbarian repellant

Viking odorant might do the trick as well


Please! I’m eating!


So, how exactly do you capture the essence of egotistical old orange con-man?

Does it smell like stale cheeto?

Does it smell vaguely of soiled depends, but nobody will acknowledge the stench out of fear of reprisal?


I have the demeter “dregs” cologne. It’s my daily driver.


an extremely concentrated version of the smell of those fashion magazines full of scratch n sniff fragrance samples: as in, including the smell of hot coated shiny paper, adhesive, etc.


NOTE: it turns out the bottle I have of the older “Donald Trump: The Fragrance”, not “Donald Trump: Success”