Perfume maker perfects the smell of American paper currency


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Worth every penny, apparently.



But why? :no_mouth:


Well looks like Melania will have some new perfume soon!


Because nobody carries cash anymore.


We used to joke that the important bulges were in the back.


Trying to remember a movie where a character has a monologue of describing the smell of new unused bills reminding him of the smell of “pussy”. I can picture the actor’s face but i can’t for the life of me remember his name or what the movie was. Anyway i was hoping to post a clip of that scene but my memory (and Google) fails me today.


I was recently introduced to 'vodka on the rocks’
and it’s really big bucks


Do they have a mimeograph scent? I just might be into that one…


I guess that would save you time rubbing money against your naked flesh, but would it be as satisfying?


Oh man my mom brought home one that was going to be trashed at the school she taught at. So many d&d charcter sheets and car wars record sheets.


I assume they’re talking about new bills and not the kind of old, crinkly, sweaty bills full of who knows what kind of microflora.

OTOH, some people might get a kick out of that too. :retch:


Nah, it smells like American money. Trumps prefer rubles.


No cocaine residue?


“A mix of cheap cologne, weasel pheromone and rotted grave…”


Seems like you could also get 75,000 single use paper money one dollar scent wipes for the same price. $75k is a lot of real money smell.


I prefer old book smell. Would put some on my e’reader’s case lining except I think that stuff’s expensive. Could be wrong.


I recall a story here about some kind of surplus store that had bales of shredded banknotes but had to discard them because they reeked.


words escape me