Parfumiers are trying to capture the smell of old books

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Parfumiers are trying to capture the smell of old books

What I saw was: Parfumiers are trying to capture the smell of old farts.


I have a little bottle of CB I Hate Perfume’s In the Library (a little bottle, mind, not the $100 one). It captures the smell of old paper, glue, and wood beautifully, but like many of his perfumes, are more interesting as experiences than as something to put on your body.


Calvin Klein’s Grandpa is okay. I prefer Harrumph!, though.


Pffft, I can smell old farts (for free!) every morning when I get into my car.


Kmart sells both those under a generic brand, Mom Jeans scent, it’s kinda OK…


When will they make a perfume that smells like fresh Magic: The Gathering cards?


Used books near from places in my current region always smell at least faintly of cigarettes. I had to think back to bookstores of my childhood visiting relatives up north to conjure an old book smell I could have nostalgia for. :laughing:

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I know many people like to wax rhapsodic about old book smell, but to me, it just smells like moldy dust, and frankly, it gives me… um… let’s just say gastric distress.

I feel like the Russian Caravan Tea and Winter 1972 express some accurate smells about myself, at least aspirationally.There’s also a summery one with cryptic undertones but I forget the name.

I’m waiting for the Incredibly Depressing Tenderloin Murder SRO but I suspect I might have that all over me already.

ETA: Even if you want to smell like crackhead farts, you don’t need to spend fifty bucks to realize that dream.

I’ve got several of his scents (gotten for a few bucks per sample from The Perfumed Court) and my favorite is Burning Leaves, which smells exactly like my memory of my neighbor’s burning leaf piles every fall in the early 80s, back when burning leaves was an ordinary thing.

And having once spent a weird summer internship living in a crappy flat at Post & Taylor streets, I know the smell of the Tenderloin all too well and would rather not see that bottled.

I’m intrigued by what Imaginary Authors is doing with scents as well.

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