This Historic Book Odour Wheel pinpoints scent of ancient tomes

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Oh great. So now those pretentious people who like to describe wine with “a heady nose and iconic banana afterburn” will be doing it to books too?


Just smell at it.


Art Of The Deal = flatulence. Got it.


I don’t know what it is that does it, and this is definitely TMI, but being surrounded by old books has a certain… loosening effect on me.Was not good when I was working in the stacks at UCSB.

As an aside, this has made me realize there might be something to aromatherapy. If old book smell can cause a negative physical result like that, then it’s reasonable hypothesize that some aromas might cause positive effect.

No flatulence, but they do have Fishy/Rancid - Poo in there.

They also have Fishy/Rancid -> Trash, which doesn’t even begin to cover it.


Science behind the naughty librarian?

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