Powell's Books is now selling perfume that smells like old books

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There are quite a few perfumes that (claim to) smell like old books, libraries, new books, etc. Unfortunately none really capture these smells accurately.

I’d very much like to try this one, though.

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My old Goosebumps books smell of this stronger than anything else I’ve got. Anyone have an idea why? I’ve got books four or five times older but they don’t have much of a smell at all.



Finally, a fake scent I would actually be attracted to.


Does it recreate the chemical compound that…ya know…affects some people a certain way? (present commenter included)

Mariko Aoki phenomenon

Not terribly romantic. But also not a myth.

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Seems to be a thing https://demeterfragrance.com/paperback.html
A trip to your favorite library or used bookstore. Sweet and lovely with just a touch of the musty smell of aged paper

The smell of freshly flipped pages of an old book brings a wave of impressively positive and powerful memories of other books, book stores, and libraries. Ah, yes… when I get that old book smell, all is right in the world, as I am reminded that there are many good people and endless good ideas in the world, even yet.


Unfortunately as much as I like the concept behind their fragrances I have not yet found a Demeter product I actually like. They tend to smell a bit harsh to me.

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I bought Demeter’s “Kitten Fur” for my cat-crazy Kiddo. Powerful stuff, migraine-inducing, without the slightest resemblance to its namesake. Of course, Kiddo loves it. The cats, however, flee her and the room when she wears it. At least it doesn’t have much staying power.

Of course, Kiddo claims to love


As someone who has worked with earth a bit I bought a sample of Dirt. However it has a very strong vanilla undertone I don’t necessarily connect with the smell of dirt I was looking for. Similarly my sample of Rain smells like ozone, as you would expect, but in a pure, overpowering way. I love the evocative power of ozone in a fragrance but I like it a bit more subtle in sometime like L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Un Air de Bretagne or Floraïku’s In the Rain. Both of which are, admittedly, much, much more expensive.


If it’s form Powell’s I will gladly try it


It’s been done before

I got one when I visited the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver of all places (excellent museum if you are nearby)…can’t remember which it was (sea air, sea mist…) and I recall it being the opposite - almost non existent…

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Misread that as librarians.


Is there a ‘best of’ the lot that you’ve found? Or are they all 100% off the mark?

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