The smell of books in a spray, lotion or candle

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“Eau you have cats” - I almost choked on my LOL!


From another maker of unusual fragrances: In The Library, by CB I Hate Perfume. (No affiliation but I like his stuff a lot.)

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You’re going to want to have a sniff of CBIhateperfume’s In the Library for pure olfactory bibliophilia.

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Still no “freshly opened pack of magic cards” scent?

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If this stuff is formulated just right, I know that it would induce flashbacks to the years worth of my life spent in book stores and libraries.

If you folks see me wandering around in invisible columns and rows, reaching and flipping through the air with my thumbs and fingers, just shout “WE ARE CLOSING NOW! YOU’VE GOT TO GO” and I will probably snap out of it.

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