Re-introduced 'Hai Karate' smells almost as good as never


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Hmmm… Hai Karate or Jade East… or better yet… MANDOM!


Perhaps my social life will pick back up!

Rotten turnip stench ain’t going to wow anyone.


Can’t remember what Hai Karate smells like, but I recently bought Brut deodorant and I got to say it smells pretty damn good.


This one was the height of sophistication during my high school years in the 60’s. Sadly, I puked on the carpet and drunkenly used the whole bottle to try to cover up the smell, so…


You beat me to it!


I bought a friend of mine a bottle of Mandom as a gag gift once (he loved the commercial). That stuff smells TERRIBLE.


Did it smell like a shirtless Charles Bronson in the desert?

Maybe you’re not manly enough for … Mandom.


When I was 8 years old (1984), I was digging around in my mom and dad’s bathroom cabinet and found a bottle of this crap. My parents started laughing and told me that my mom had given it to my dad when they were dating and he liked it so much that the bottle was almost full 10 years later. I decided to put some on, and regretted it within minutes. I broke out and and my throat swelled to the point that I could barely breath. Only a heroic dose of Benadryl could help. Thus my love affair with Hai Karate ended on the same night.


And when you mix Hai Karate and Axe together?


Hai Karate almost took you down!!!


I unstoppered a bottle of it in a thrift store once (or maybe an antique store?) and recall the scent as being something like peel-out-tires, radiators that have been peed on, and damp rug.


I’m curious what the BB community thinks of wearing scents.

My wife wears perfume that I like - Tom Ford - in very small amounts. Obviously, any scent overdone is bad.
When I used to shave my whole face a long time back, the extent to which I used anything was a mild aftershave (I liked the sting) followed by some pure aloe.
I’ve had a beard forever, and other than this beard balm my wife encouraged me to get - which is also a mild scent - I don’t use anything. When I shave my neck, I just use a little aloe.
Beard balm from Italy:


Still waiting for Sex Panther to come back…


I like attar, or to some degree, anyway – it drove me crazy. My wife sometimes wears Si, Tresor, or Cinema; I like them in that order. I received a bottle of Versace Blue Jeans as a gift – I didn’t really wear cologne before that, but my wife likes it, so I wear it now.

Neither of us (as far as I know) apply liberally, though.


Is there a female equivalent called Femdom?


I use beard oil if I have more than a month or so’s worth of beard growth. Other than that, I don’t really have much reason to use anything scented.


I have never been partial to many pre-mixed scents. The first I ever wore was probably patchouli oil in my teens, which I instantly thought was the best-smelling thing ever. Over the past thirty years I have usually used spices and/or plant oils. Sandalwood and amber have been perennial faves. The most recent ones I got were clove and camphor oils.


I like the husband to wear Czernobog from BPAL

and this one is very bad when overdone.


60 percent of the time, it works every time.