Barber bans marijuana-scented customers


In related news “Barber alienates customers by sniffing their hair”


“Pour me another shot of that whisky, Hugo.”

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I cannot be the only person who noticed that there is a Cheech and Chong painting on his wall, in the background.

I’m not making assumptions, I’m just stating the obvious. There is a poster. Of Cheech and Chong. In his shop.


I suspect he would do the same if too many people came in reeking of tobacco or alcohol. This could easily be a reasonable reaction to a real situation.



There’s maybe a little bit of prudishness here (“families with kids”), but it actually seems pretty reasonable to expect the people you are professionally grooming to not reek.


Dave’s not there, man!


Smelling of anything to the point that it draws customer complaints should be ban-worthy. I don’t care if it’s pot, tobacco, body odor, perfume, or whatever else. If it’s smelly enough that other people in the business are annoyed by it, it’s too smelly, don’t be surprised when someone would rather not serve you than let you ruin everyone else’s experience.


I like that he doesn’t care if you want to smoke up at home or not, but you have to wash up or air out before you come into his shop . He’s literally just minding his own business.


I see no problem with this, other than maybe the wording. I don’t care if someone wants to smoke up, but have the grace to admit that weed reeks. I know I can’t stand the smell of it…


Another point of recommendation for a nice vaporizer - much less retained odor!


I thought all the filthy potheads who get all cracked up on the reefer bongs didn’t cut their hair anyways?


It reminds me of a recent French news story: police officers were complaining of the scent of marijuana seized and stored in their police station. They suffered of nausea, headaches and they all tested positive.

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As someone sympathetic to the legalization movement, but has no desire to smoke, I’ve often thought that the people that want it legalized the most are the biggest hindrance to acceptance. Its almost as if during prohibition of alcohol, the only people that pushed for legalization were the alcoholics.

I personally cannot stand the smell at all, it instantly gives me headaches and I need to lie down for a while to clear my head. Strong tobacco does the same thing, but it seems it takes a lot more to disable me. I have several friends that I can’t stand to be near any more because as the legalization movement has progressed, they have become bolder and bolder with their use and it REALLY hurts to be around them. Visiting an area where it is now legal earlier this year, I had migraines the entire time I was there. It was bad. I didn’t want to go out at all, spending time only at the conference and in my hotel room. Of which it seemed to whift through the ventilation system even though these were supposedly non-smoking rooms. I had to ask to be moved twice.

Personally, I wish it were legal. I also wish the vast majority of the people I knew that smoked it cared more about others than their own addictions. And I truly believe it has to be an addiction because that many smokers can’t just be jerks.


Stick to brownies if you’re getting your hair cut there.


I have to admit, I’d always preferred the smell of pot to standard cigarettes, but yes, some pot smokers who don’t bathe or change clothes frequently can reek.

On the flip side, two things I submit as proof that salons and barber shops don’t really smell nice to begin with – Barbicide and alkaline permanent wave solutions.

Less, sure, but still too much.

A nice tobacco-and-whiskey bouquet is still fine though, right?

I wish people still smoked pipes. I don’t know what the difference is, but a good pipe tobacco smells lovely and really brightens up a room. Cigarettes just smell like burning trash.


I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want people in my barber shop if they smelled of alcohol either.