Stench from marijuana farms outrages some California residents

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This lady would fail the logic portion of an SAT exam: Bacon to hogfarm isn’t the same as weed to weed farm. For one thing, weed doesn’t live in a mess of it’s own food and feces. What a dishonest statement. I hope they lose badly.


This makes me wonder if those people have seen the noise, odor, clutter and danger that comes from what farmland gets replaced with? Hint: a whole lot of houses and accompanying traffic. Of course that doesn’t count, because whatever we’re doing is normal, it’s what they’re doing that’s wrong.


Around here, some days it’s a bit whiff when the local farmers manure or nitrate the fields and we’re downwind. I just smile because the other option is fields of McMansions on that land.

“It’s beyond anything you would imagine.”

I do have to wonder if it’s really that bad, or if they’ve become psychologically sensitized to that smell.


If your local pig farmer keeps his pigs in a mess of their own food and feces you should not be buying pork from him.

That’s not how pigs are kept and raised. Before ripping into this woman’s analogy, perhaps you should worry about your own.


Skunk weed, while very pungent, smells nothing like actuals skunks; if it did, no one would buy it.

Pigs bred for food only live like that because that’s how pig farmers force them to live.

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I find the smell of it nauseating. Being around it has triggered migraines for me…so I can understand the position of “get this the hell away from me”.


I am kinda with people on this. Man, if you could use the new legality to develop a strain that didn’t smell, especially when smoked, you would make so much goddamn money.

Pretty sure my neighbor below me has a new hobby, because almost every day I come home lately, it smells like weed when I walk in.


I don’t mind the odor of marijuana, but even I have to admit that the strain they call Diesel smells pretty horrible.


Heresy; ‘Sour Diesel’ is divine.


There’s an indoor grow operation in an industrial park near me. The filtered exhaust from their air handlers is pretty pungent; I would not want them as a neighbor.

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And it’s that sort of forced situation in which you have zero control but all the consequences of it is what is garbage IMO.

We used to live above a very nice Indian couple. Great people, cute little girl who played with our daughter. BUT…our apartment constantly smelled of curry. Their’s did not however. It became a bit aggravating when people could smell it on our clothes and person all the time and there was nothing we could do about it.

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Folks need to relax and smoke up.


This sort of issue isn’t exactly confined to marijuana or its increased availability. I mean, I used to live a few miles away from a paper recycling plant, and if the weather and wind was right, the entire neighborhood would be filled with a heavy rotten-cabbage stench that was so bad it was hard to play outdoors.


Wait, did their apt not smell of it, or did they just not smell it?

My Korean aunt LOVED cooking with garlic. Their house was so strong with it. And of course cigarette smokers tend to reek.

For the most part I am live and let live, but with apartment construction they really need to take into account not just noise dampening, but smell dampening.


Their’s smelled of curry when they were making it yes…but never pungently. The air flow for the building just pumped it right up to our third (top) floor apartment. It was super frustrating and made me loathe curry food as a result.

That’s sort of what I was driving at…when something like this is just forced on you without control or consent or even warning. I know folks who have lived near breweries complain about the smell from them…I personally love that fermenting smell, but if you don’t like it and its now covering your whole home…I get the plight.

To @nungesser 's point. paper factories, Breweries, Dairy farms, Chicken farms, etc etc etc…this is not isolated to mary jane farming…this is just the latest in a long line.

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Man, I think I’d rather be stuck next to the Sriracha factory.

They should all move to Hollister and Gilroy. No-one complains about smell there, apparently.


I’d likely prefer it over having hog or chicken farms nearby. I’m curious though if hemp fields have a smell to them.

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