Stench from marijuana farms outrages some California residents

I’m not sure why this topic of all topics is attracting rude responses but let’s not go there. I’ve edited out some replies as a result. Give your thoughts and opinions without insulting other users, please.

Thank you.


To be fair, I wouldn’t want to live above a 24/7 bacon frying factory either. As much as I might like the smell while I’m making it, it would be a serious nuisance all day long.

Worse, since the farms in question here were probably doing corn or soybeans before, the people in the neighborhood had no expectation that it would be stinky when they bought their house. Maybe for a few days in the spring when they are fertilizing the fields, but mostly odor neutral. I feel sympathy for the homeowners in this case.


I have to Ken;

Okay, now I’m done being a silly smart-ass… in this thread.

Living near any place of major ‘industrial production’ has gotta suck, inherently; no matter what the product is.


I wouldn’t mind it.
Hell, I’d even help for free (disabled) so, give me a place to live and a pair of scissors!

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Yeah. I have no idea if the smell is this overwhelming - but I don’t think the neighbors should be immediately discounted just because one likes the end product.


[skeptical side-eye.] If that’s true, either the skunks where I was growing up were smoking a lot of weed at the time, or what I’ve been assuming are the odors of weed smoke in my apartment building are an actual family of skunks. Maybe they don’t smell the same to you, but to me they’re so similar as to be nearly indistinguishable.


That was the point I was making as well. And if it happens to be something you already did not like in even small quantities…its certainly worse.

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That quip about Soul Diesel was mostly my humor (though it is a tasty strain.)

Too much of anything ain’t good, and that includes being inundated or overwhelmed by the smell of cannabis crops.

Right back ya, bro:

I grew up in an area where skunks were populous, too… and in undergrad I was unfortunate enough to attend a college where the only main highway ran right through their mating territory… which meant lots of roadkill that smelled unimaginably horrid. (Only long-standing decomp is worse, IMO.)

That unbearable stench isn’t the same as the strain of cannabis, not by a long shot.


My wife on occasion has gotten the smells confused, she’s always got her nose on the lookout because skunks occasionally get under the house. Certain strains can smell pretty spot on.


Maybe this is the difference between someone who, er, partakes and someone who doesn’t. I understand people can distinguish between wines by their smells, too, but they all just smell like wine to me. (Beers, on the other hand…)

When I was in fourth grade, we discovered that one or more skunks had made their home under our (small, poorly insulated) house in rural NH. And by “we,” I mean “our family cat.” The odor woke everybody from a sound sleep and was so unbelievably overpowering my parents initially thought it was an electrical fire or something similar. Only when it had dissipated a bit (or at a distance) could you tell that it was skunks. All our clothes smelled of skunk for months afterward (though eventually it faded somewhat), and the house never really recovered and ended up being torn down a few years later.

I bring this up only to establish that I am … somewhat familiar with how skunks smell. While I don’t think anything—much less weed—smells as pungent as that initial reek, I can identify skunk vs. skunk weed only by context clues (like the relative paucity of skunks hanging around on D.C. street corners). YMMV (and apparently does), but I definitely don’t think they’re as dissimilar as you do.



I didn’t smoke until I was grown, in my 20’s… while I’d been unfortunate enough to be exposed to skunk stench much earlier in life. It’s not the same.

It’s like a bucket of water with a capful of bleach poured into it compared to the same sized bucket, but full of undiluted bleach.

Yes, you’ve made that abundantly clear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevertheless, you get extra ‘cool points’ for still remaining civil, despite being in disagreement.

Good on you.


Exactly. And also it first wasn’t there, and now it is. If you go living next to a smelly pig farm, the pi farm was there first. If you can’t stand the smell, you shouldn’t go live there. However if a smelly pig farm, or weed farm, opens in a place where you already lived you have the (ethical) right to complain imho.

I can’t stand the smell of weed. I used to live above someone who illegally grew it in his sleeping room. That year was one of constant headaches. Eventually I moved away as the neighbor was not impressed by my complaints and I couldn’t take it anymore.

A weed farm with actual fields full of the stuff are a nightmare scenario to me (though I totally agree it should be legal, I just wouldn’t want to live there). By the way, they did some experimental hemp farming over here (with a hemp variant which was very low in THC) and the smell was way less. I’d think it should be possible to breed a strain with THC but without the smell.


I don’t partake, but my sniffer is pretty good, and I can tell the difference between strains. Some high quality cannabis is rather pleasant, with a sort of fruity, oolong tea smell. The people at the head shop across the street prefer skunk; they must be getting a terrific buzz to ignore the, er, skunkiness. Guess which variety I’d rather have next door?


Marijuana only has that much THC if you remove all male plants. Plus its been bred for stink. An unbred strain with a mix of male and female plants doesn’t smell strongly

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I would caution against citing right to farm laws, those are designed by and for big ag.

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Tell that to my daughter. I may be a terrible parent, but even so I’m pretty sure she’s never smoked weed. She just turned 10. Yet she made a comment about smelling skunk when she smelled the after-smell from somebody partaking (don’t know who that was, asking for a friend, etc.). Out of the mouths of babes.

Obviously could depend on the strain though.

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I for one see this as a sign that the Evil Cannabis has matured to the point where people now treat it like any other industry too close to a residential zone. Or a residential zone too close to the industrial park. Which is progress, really.


Funny story:

Hanging out in Utah with a friend of mine, driving to Vernal from SLC I thought I smelled a massive pot farm.

I asked my buddy “how could anyone get away with growing that much weed so close to the highway”

He said “dude that’s a dead skunk”.

They’re similar odors, but there’s a large difference in degree of pungency.

I think if you compare the two directly, then you can tell the difference. If you have never smelled both of them, which ever you smell first will most closely resemble the other. That is if you never smelled weed but have smelled a skunk, the skunk smell is the closest analogy you can come up with to compare it to.

This reminds me, I used to have this sweatshirt which I swear to god smelled sorta skunk like if I wore it and sweat in it. I washed it several times and I could still smell it. It was faint, but it was enough that I decided to retire it to the closet at some point. No idea way. Probably had some synthetic fiber my body didn’t like.